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Cova Psychology was created for therapists in Melbourne who are highly skilled, passionate about delivering quality psychological therapy, and who want to have the environment and supports around them to match. At Cova, we aim to provide you with the highest level of support and guidance, so that you can focus on you and your clients! We know that when therapists feel supported and comfortable in their environment, they do their best work, and this benefit flows down to their clients. 

We’re keen to support a range of disciplines – whether you’re a psychologist, clinical psychologist EMDR therapist, a mental health accredited social worker or an occupational therapist – we’d love to hear from you! We support our therapists to work face to face in the Melbourne CBD as well as from home via telehealth.

We’ve outlined some features that characterise our team below. If our practice sounds like it could be a good fit for you, send through your cover letter and CV to

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The Principal Psychologists

Principal psychologists, Sarah and Chris, are experienced Clinical Psychologists and are both Board-approved supervisors. They provide over-arching clinical direction and quality assurance to the Cova practice as well as supporting all of the Cova therapists via monthly 1:1 supervision and peer consultation groups, as well as on a more ad hoc basis whenever the need arises.

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Culture of the Team

Being able to working alongside others is very important for many psychologists in private practice. At Cova Psychology we have cultivated a friendly and collegial workspace, where we aim to share and learn from each other’s collective wisdom as well as support each other through the ebbs and flows of the work we all do.

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Supervision and Training

Sarah and Chris specialise in providing training and supervision in regards to a range of areas including:

  • PTSD and complex trauma
  • Emotional dysregulation and
    personality issues
  • Working with dissociation
  • Eating disorders treatment
  • Working with gender variance 

On a semi-regular basis, external trainers and supervisors will attend Cova’s team meeting to provide additional professional development.

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Administrative Support

Cova’s Administration team provide a warm, empathic, and professional service. They have excellent coverage and take care of virtually all the administrative needs of our therapists and their clients. They have a strong knowledge of Medicare and the NDIS and can help guide you on any new developments.

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Special Interests in Practice

Cova has attracted therapists who share an understanding of the impact of psychological trauma and how to work sensitively with that. In addition, the Cova therapists have a wide range of other interests and specialisations, and these have continued to broaden as the team has grown.

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Flexibility and Autonomy

At Cova Psychology, you have complete autonomy over your practice, from your hours to the the types of presentations you want to work with…you choose! We will guide you and help you grow.

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Resources & Psychometrics

Cova Psychology provides therapists with an ever-growing resource library as well as a a range of psychometric measures and tests (all of which can be accessed/administered physically and electronically). Other resources include IT support for internet and telehealth, printing/photocopying, devices for EMDR bilateral stimulation, and range of self-soothing tools


Our rooms at Cova have been stylishly designed to provide therapists and clients with a space that feels comfortable and welcoming.

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The Contract

We pride ourselves on providing a high value service to our clinicians where comprehensive and high quality support is provided at a highly competitive rate. Cova Psychology uses a non-restrictive Service & Facilities Agreement to define its relationship with therapists.

Testimonials from some of our Therapists

Our clinic is always looking to reflect the diversity of our clients and our community.

Our clinic is always looking to reflect the diversity of our clients and our community. If you think you can bring something different to our team – whether it’s your background, your career pathway, or your skill-set – we are eager to hear from you!

Contact Sarah and Chris via email at

Or… if you’re seeking therapy from a Psychologist Melbourne.
Get in touch with our friendly reception team. We offer a range of a therapies including CBT, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, and EMDR Therapy Melbourne.

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