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See our Melbourne Psychologists via Telehealth

Although our psychologists and trauma therapists are based in the Melbourne CBD, we can provide therapy to clients living in greater Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia-wide via telehealth.
“Telehealth” refers to health services which are not provided in-person but via an audio link and ideally a video link too! Cova Psychology offers telehealth appointments to provide both psychological assessments and treatment sessions to clients . This obviously opens up therapy at Cova Psychology to people located anywhere in Australia.

Telehealth clients have reported that the shift to appointments off-site has been incredibly helpful for many reasons – they can access psychological treatment with greater convenience, time is saved by reducing the need for a commute to our rooms, and therapy can be accessed in the comfort of ones own home environment – to name just a few of these reasons.

If this information was helpful to you, our blog post about the value of telehealth might also be of interest.

If you’re interested in exploring telehealth therapy with our Melbourne Psychologist Services Team, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Medicare Rebates for Telehealth

As with in-person sessions, Medicare provides rebates on telehealth psychology sessions for all Australians, irrespective of where they are living. Rebates on up to 10 telehealth psychology sessions can be claimed per calendar year. To access rebates through Medicare you must have an eligible mental health condition and referral from a GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician.