LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Support with a Psychologist Melbourne


The Melbourne psychologists at Cova are LGBTQIA+ allied and provide sexuality and gender affirming mental health care. We recognise the research which has shown that LGBTQIA+ Australians experience higher rates of mental illness and psychological distress than those who are not sex, gender, or sexuality diverse. Often this is due to discrimination, abuse, or stigma which may have been experienced historically or in present day.

Although not an exhaustive list, the following is a list of areas that psychologists will often work on if an individual is experiencing psychological issues related to being a member of a LGBTQIA+ community:

For some queer folk attending therapy, their psychological or mental health issues aren’t directly related to being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, however, sexuality and gender affirming mental health care might be a factor which fosters understanding a stronger therapeutic relationship.

Therapies Utilised in Sexuality and Gender Affirming Mental Health Care

LGBTQIA+ allied psychologists might use a whole range of evidenced based therapies in their work. The initial phases of therapy will involve a thorough assessment, and then collaboratively, you and your therapist will draw up a treatment plan. That plan may involve one or more of the following therapies (click on the therapy to learn more):

The psychologists at Cova will often combine therapeutic approaches in a way which is tailored to meet your needs. In this way, your psychological care reflects your unique goals and is customised to help you reach your goals in a way that considers what will be most efficient and effective.