Psychologist Melbourne: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)


Our Melbourne psychologists provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) either face to face in the Melbourne CBD or via telehealth. The following page provides information regarding this treatment and what it involves. 

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

The main components of CBT are spelled out in its name:

Cognitive = Thoughts. CBT seeks to change or restructure the way we think

Behaviour = Behaviours or actions. CBT seeks to change our behaviour.

Therapy = Thoughts and behaviours are explored and targeted as part of a therapeutic relationship with a therapist such as a psychologist or other allied health clinician.

In CBT treatment, you and your and therapist will work together to set up a series of treatment goals aiming to reduce symptoms whilst your well-being. Working towards these goals involves using therapy sessions to explore how your thoughts and behaviour impact your mood. Homework tasks are set for you to complete in between sessions – these tasks are important for the treatment to be effective.

An extensive body of research spanning the past four decades has demonstrated that CBT is an effective psychological intervention. As such, it is widely used throughout Melbourne and Australia, and is recognised as an effective treatment by Medicare.

What is CBT used to treat?

Cognitive behavioural approaches are utilised to treat a whole spectrum of mental health issues including

How does CBT work?

In a CBT framework, you are encouraged to change behaviours in order to improve mood and well-being. For example, you might be encouraged to improve self-care, increase social support, or expand pleasurable activities. In addition, you are supported to change or restructure patterns of thinking by challenging your thoughts in a process called cognitive restructuring. Skills are taught for identifying thoughts and changing thinking patterns. This process is depicted visually in shown above. 

how cbt works